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“A fresh and new initiative in the treatment of  leg problems”

Blaenavon Leg Club will be an innovative and evidence based initiative  that provides community based treatments, health promotion, education and ongoing care for people of all ages who are experiencing leg related problems.

The Leg Club and the District Nursing Team work in a unique partnership with patients (members), GP’s and the local community. Working to best practice guidelines, they promote a high standard of care in a social and friendly setting that promotes understanding, peer support and informal choices.

The emphasis of The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation© movement is to empower members to participate in their own care, in a social environment that eases loneliness by providing congenial surroundings where old friends can meet and new friendships can be formed.

What type of problems can be treated

Any problem involving legs, from varicose veins, skin tears, eczema and leg ulcers to difficulties walking. For many people suffering with swollen legs and leg ulcers the main problems are associated with pain, infection, wound leakage, immobility, loneliness and isolation.

Blaenavon Leg Club has 4 key features that are different from conventional leg ulcer clinics;

  1. It’s a community based social club held in a non medical setting
  2. Members are treated collectively ..... with their full consent
  3. It incorporates a fully integrated “Well Leg Regime
  4. Run as a “Drop In Centre” where “No Appointments are Required

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The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation registered charity N° 1111259

The Club is open every Tuesday 10 am till 2 pm at the :-

Blaenavon Constitutional Club

Old James Street

Blaenavon,Pontypool, NP4 9EJ

Telephone Tuesday’s only 07856117398

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